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Green Valley regards technological innovation as No.1 productive force, and R&D investment increases with operating income every year. In the past 14 years, we have obtained total of 52 national patents including invention patents and a number of utility model patents. We have developed the product of "dynamic vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer", which not only has the elastic properties of rubber, but also effectively solves the problems of traditional rubber recycling and reuse, fills the gaps in relevant domestic fields, and explores an innovative, intelligent, and data-based science and technology development road.

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Green Valley takes "Green Valley China, Social Responsibility" as our mission, "Environmental Protection and Open-mindedness" as our concept, and takesthe "Responsibility, Humanism, Innovation, Eco-friendliness and Striving" as ourculture, introducing a large number of talents and equipments. We have themodern management system with international quality as the standard and control strictly during each process of R&D, Production, and Sales, hoping to become the leader of the elastic and Eco-friendly flooring in the world. 

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